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Research Data Policy


Increasingly, publishers and journals are implementing policies that require published research to be available alongside its data.[1] In 2020, Hrynaszkiewicz et al. published the output of the Data Policy Standardisation and Implementation Interest Groups of the Research Data Alliance outlining 14 features of journal research data policies arranged in six standard policy types to support journals in developing a research data policy framework.[2] The purpose of a research data policy framework is to encourage data sharing and ensure good practice. Relying on the researchers’ “Policy feature standard texts for policy template construction, The Cuvette seeks to implement “Policy 06,” the highest tier of the framework. 


[1] Jones L, Grant R, Hrynaszkiewicz I. Implementing publisher policies that inform, support and encourage authors to share data: two case studies. Insights Imaging [Internet]. 2019 Mar 27;32. Available from:
[2] Hrynaszkiewicz I, Simons N, Hussain A, Grant R, Goudie S. Developing a research data policy framework for all journals and publishers. Data Sci J [Internet]. 2020 Feb 21;19(1):5. Available from:


The Cuvette requires data sharing for all types of research data and peer review of research data (exceptions are listed below). The Cuvette will ensure that its policy on data sharing is adhered to and, for all papers, the decision to publish will be affected by whether or not authors share their research data.

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