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Welcome to The Cuvette!
We are a Learning Community & Academic Journal
that asserts science education should be...

Ethically Sourced

Collected & distributed without exploiting leaders in science education & their institutions.

Openly Available

Obtainable without barriers, accessibly written, & available in multiple languages.


Ensuring practitioners are supported in writing, reviewing, & implementing advancements.

Diversely Published

Broadening impact by promoting variety in the publication media, types, & routes.

Technologically Relevant

Implementing modern tools to improve writing, dissemination, & readability.

These principles subvert toxic academic norms

Toxic academic norms: 

1) limit access to knowledge, &

2) are generally accepted as standard practice.


These norms tend to be exclusive, elusive, and exploitative.

We subvert these norms through inclusiveness, transparency, & community.

Using guidelines for practice-focused writing,  recognizing practitioners as co-creators.

Subverting profit-driven publishing oligopolies

Reinvesting excess revenue into the community & publishing our quarterly financial reports.

Building a Community of Professional Learners

Exploring accessible, practice-focused, & evidence-driven strategies for science education.

Getting Involved

Choose how you want to participate & hover over the corresponding menu in the header of this site.

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“The more I learn about The Cuvette, the more excited I become. I believe that this will be a model for what research journals, equitable practices, and science education will be in the future, and I'm SO HERE FOR IT!"

To learn more...

Read our first Newsletter. It explains more about who we are and what we're about.

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